Waste water reveals music festival drug use

The study, conducted by the National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicity at the University of Queensland, showed that cannabis was the most commonly used drug at the music festival, followed by ecstasy, methamphetamine and cocaine.

In comparison, cannabis was the most commonly used drug in a nearby urban community of 350,000, followed by methamphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine.

The study also showed that cannabis consumption at the music festival, attended by 100,000 people over six days, averaging 50–100 doses per day per 1000 people, was lower than the 120 to 160 doses per day per 1000 people in the nearby urban area.

Similarly, cocaine consumption was also lower at the music festival but ecstasy doses ranged between four and 58 at the festival compared with only one to seven in the urban community.

Illicit drug use at the music festival was similar in 2010 and 2011, apart from methamphetamine use, which declined from 12 doses