Wind farm illness probably psychogenic

Professor Simon Chapman, from the University of Sydney, said his research, accepted for publication by PLoS, showed 33 of Australia’s 51 wind farms have never been subject to any noise or health complaints.

Seventy-three per cent of complainants lived near just six wind farms which happened to be targeted by anti-wind farm groups.

The most common complaint was that the farms kept people awake at night, however medical complaints cited by anti-wind farm activists ranged from herpes to cardiovascular disease.

Professor Chapman has compiled a list that describes 223 different things wind farms are said to cause, including bowel cancer, leukaemia, greying of hair, musculoskeletal pain, night terrors in children, dental infection and, in the animal world, birth defects, cattle becoming “aggressive”, goats “dropping dead”, a dog that “lost muscle tone”, and “echidna disorientation”.