Women putting too much faith in IVF

A national survey of 1000 women by IVF Australia found one in five incorrectly believed that it only became difficult to fall pregnant naturally in the late 40s, and 60% believed that infertility in their late 40s would be easily resolved if they underwent IVF.

Almost two-thirds of women of reproductive age (64%) were not aware that their fertility rapidly declines from the age of 36.

Professor Michael Chapman, senior fertility specialist at IVF Australia, said there was still a long way to go to get the message out that 35 is a turning point for a woman’s fertility. 

According to Professor Chapman, a 30-year-old has a 20% chance of falling pregnant spontaneously each month. This dramatically drops to less than a 5% chance per month once a woman is in her 40s. While IVF can markedly improve a woman’s chances of a baby, it’s no guarantee.

“The reality is we can’t improve the quality of a woman’s eggs