Women’s cardiac risk factors go untreated

WOMEN are getting a raw deal when it comes to treatment for coronary heart disease (CHD), Australian research shows.

The Monash University study showed that despite women having higher total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, fewer were prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication.

A total of 1258 GPs in Australia recruited 12,509 patients diagnosed with CHD and recorded CHD risk factors in a software program.

It showed 76% of women had cholesterol scores above the recommended levels of 4 mmol/L, compared with 57% of men.

Of those, 66% of women were prescribed medication to lower cholesterol, compared with 71% of men. 

In those prescribed medication, 53% of men and 72% of women continued to have a total cholesterol level higher than the recommended target.

Over half of both men and women had at least five CHD risk factors recorded.

Internal Medicine Journal, online 1 June