‘Wonderment’ program GP guilty

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Dr Colin Jamieson guilty of professional misconduct over his prescribing of addictive and restricted drugs, failure to refer patients to specialists and poor record keeping.

It banned Dr Jamieson from possessing, supplying or prescribing Schedule 8 or Schedule 4 drugs and ordered him to refrain from treating patients with psychiatric or psychological conditions and patients with drug and/or alcohol problems.

After conducting GP clinics for women prisoners in Bathurst Gaol from 1983, Dr Jamieson served as the GP for some upon their release and later became an authorised prescriber of methadone, writing methadone scripts for as many as 100 patients. 

Around 2005, he developed what he called the Wonderment Program, an amalgam of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and psychodynamic and psychoanalytical techniques, despite having no qualifications in those areas, the tribunal was told.