You can eat your pudding, and still practise!

Traditionally laced with significant quantities of sherry, cider or spirits such as brandy, rum and cognac, it has been suggested that just a single portion of the festive treat could put drivers over the legal blood-alcohol limit, even if they have been careful about consuming other alcohol during their Christmas Day feast.

But researchers from the Department of General Surgery at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney, who evaluated the alcohol content of six popular brands of Christmas pudding, say that the rise in BAC after consuming a typical 125g slice is negligible and completely metabolised by the end of a 30-minute lunch break.

Topping the list of puddings for highest alcohol content was Woolworths Select Festive Sparkle Christmas Pudding containing 1.685g of ethanol per 125g slice, followed by Coles Matured Christmas Pudding with 1.03g of ethanol.

The brand with the least alcohol content was Father Mac’s Heavenly Pudding which contained only 0