Young snub docs' warning to get flu vax

The Influenza Specialist Group (ISG) found that 67% of Australians aged 35–49 would not visit, or would have to think about visiting their GP for flu vaccination, even if aware this year’s circulating strains may cause more illness among people of their age than previous years. 

The H1N1 strain was dominant in the 2013–14 influenza season in the US and many European countries, and these trends are often reflected in Australia during the following season.

H1N1 has a history of causing potentially serious illness and complications in a younger demographic and more than 60% of flu-related hospitalisations in the 2013–14 US influenza season were among those aged 18–64 years.

Experts are urging all adult Australians, including those who regard themselves as fit and healthy, to consider vaccination in the lead up to winter.

According to ISG chairman, Dr Alan Hampson, the survey shows only 18% of adults aged 35