Younger onset of diabetes brings forward the risk of stroke

US researchers have quantified the increased risk of ischaemic stroke among 3300 men and women who either had diabetes or developed it over about nine years of follow-up.

Nearly 22% of participants had diabetes at the start of the prospective Northern Manhattan Study and a further 10% developed it over the course of the study.

People with diabetes were more likely to have a stroke, researchers showed, and they also demonstrated for the first time that duration of diabetes affected the magnitude of risk, finding it increased by 3% annually among these patients.

Compared to people without diabetes, the risk of stroke was 70% higher for people who had the condition for less than five years, 80% higher for five to 10 years, and threefold higher in people who had diabetes for a decade or more.

“There is evidence of association between diabetes duration and atherosclerotic lesions, including intimal medial thickness and thin cap