Another look at HRT

HRT’s apparent risks are not what were previously purported

Reanalysis of the results of the Women’s Health Initiative Study of 2003 shows HRT’s apparent risks are not what were purported at the time.

The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Study was published 10 years ago amid a glare of publicity.

The process by which the media handled the publication of data, which suggested that menopausal hormone replacement therapy might not be as safe as previously thought, is probably worth an article on its own.

Suffice to say that concepts such as relative risk were misinterpreted and the views of many commentators seemed to reflect a pre-existing prejudice as to the motives of the pharmaceutical companies promoting such products.

Many women did as the media suggested — they promptly stopped taking HRT.

But medical knowledge is an iterative process and the past 10 years have allowed a more dispassionate appraisal of exactly what we have learned