Bon voyage and bon appétit

School’s out and summer days are longer and warmer, which usually means family holidays. 

Whether you’re driving, flying or sailing away, eating healthy when travelling can be challenging. You may need to rely on others to cook and provide meals or prepare your own using what foods and ingredients you can find wherever you are. Here are a few tips to help.

On the road

My family holidays were always road trips – each night in a different place. A good idea is to eat with the locals for the best food in town, so find somewhere busy.

It can take a few hours to recover from car motion sickness, so having oral rehydration solutions and jelly beans in the first-aid kit can come in handy. 

Snack ideas for the car trip can include fresh and dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, muesli bars and the occasional sweet and water ice blocks. Packing an esky each day is also an option, especially if you