Dietary advice: a lot to take in

The plethora of claims made about nutrition creates confusion in the minds of many people.

Dozens of studies have confirmed that foods high in saturated fat can lead to health problems, but a recent dissenting paper has hit the sweet spot for many people.1

Understandably, many people are confused, claiming they no longer know who to believe or what advice to follow when it comes to their diet.

GPs may be caught in this muddle with patients wanting an immediate verdict on the latest nutritional theory.

Why the confusion?
Our society expects instant — preferably single — solutions to problems. Many people also seek to blame someone else for any aspect of their lives that is less than perfect.

Some argue that if most of the adult population is too fat, and sales of fat-reduced foods have increased, consumption of fat can't be the problem.

However, this simplistic reasoning fails to note that fat-reduced products may have so much