Healthy eating habits in children

Getting children to adopt healthy nutritional habits should start as early as possible

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why one-quarter of our children are overweight or obese.

Junk food and drink contribute more than 40% of the average Australian child's kilojoule intake, while few kids consume the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.

It's obvious we need to make changes, but where to start?

GPs are often the first port of call for parents of overweight children, so it's useful to have some ideas about how to change children's eating habits towards more nutritious foods and away from junk.

What doesn't work
Some of us grew up in a time when we were told we had to eat everything on our plates.

However, the ‘clean the plate' approach is not a good one as it encourages children to ignore the natural changes in appetite that accompany variable growth rates. Being forced to eat everything in front of you can affect