How to manage hunger

IF SUCCESSFUL weight loss maintenance is defined as intentionally losing at least 10% of initial weight and keeping it off for at least one year, then only 20% or so of dieters achieve this.1 

One meta-analysis found 50% of participants regain weight after a year of intervention.2

Preventing weight regain is necessary if overweight patients are to have lasting success. Weight regain can occur by returning to previous diet and exercise habits and/or poor appetite control. The body is designed to maintain weight despite changes in daily energy intake and expenditure. Perhaps to our detriment, the body favours protection from weight loss more than weight gain to future-proof survival during times of food scarcity.3

Body weight homeostasis and appetite control is complex. Both hunger-suppressing and hunger-stimulating hormones are produced by the hypothalamus in response to signals stimulated by food intake and