Plant foods good for the planet

Vegetarians have lower risks of developing diabetes, obesity and heart disease than others living in the same communities,1 however attention must be paid to some nutrients to ensure deficiencies don’t develop. More Australians are choosing to enjoy plant-based meals, and three out of four adults in this country have at least one vegetarian meal a week.2 

Being vegetarian can be based on animal welfare issues, religious beliefs, environmental concerns or just a dislike of animal meat. Vegetarians can be lacto-ovo (dairy and egg eating), lacto (dairy eating) or vegan (no animal foods at all). 

Health benefits

Research has shown that vegetarians are less likely to die from heart disease (24% reduced risk) when compared with meat eaters,4 probably because of the effect on cholesterol.5 

Vegetarians are also less likely to be overweight6 or develop diabetes,1 while better diabetes control can