AVN wins case against HCCC ruling

In a ruling handed down today, Justice Christine Adamson said actions taken by the health watchdog against the AVN in 2010 were “not within the jurisdiction of the HCCC”.

There was insufficient evidence to show the AVN had affected the “clinical management or care of an individual client”, she said.

The HCCC had issued an order that AVN place a disclaimer on its website stating it should not be read as medical advice.

“This is vindication of what we have been saying from the very beginning that the HCCC did not have jurisdiction… it’s a great feeling,” AVN president Meryl Dorey told MO.

“If you read the act that the HCCC was formed under, you’ll see that its reason for being was to protect the population from health practitioners who were doing the wrong thing, and that means doctors,” Ms Dorey said.

Ken McLeod, a spokesman for lobby group Stop the AVN