GP struck off for relationship with patient's wife

A GP who had an inappropriate relationship with a female patient while separately counselling her husband over his failing marriage, has been accused of a “grave transgression of the ethical boundaries” and deregistered.

Melbourne-based Dr Michael John Skehan was disqualified from applying to re-register for 18 months after the Victorian Consumer and Administrative Tribunal said he showed “no remorse and no insight” into his actions and found him guilty of professional misconduct.

The Tribunal said Dr Skehan had an inappropriate personal and emotional consensual relationship with the woman from February 2006 to February 2008 “which in all likelihood involved sexual intimacy”.

It noted Dr Skehan’s claim that he and the patient were merely friends but said this was false – partly disproven by evidence he and the patient went on a “clandestine” trip to Sydney.

Meanwhile, the