Intrepid elderly risking their lives abroad

Peru was visited by 21,000 Australians last year and was growing in popularity among seniors, registered nurse and travel medicine expert Dr Irmgard Bauer (PhD) wrote.

Many elderly travellers were returning “with legal drugs this time” to the place where they “enjoyed more psychedelic than cultural experiences many decades ago”, she said.

Dr Bauer, a senior lecturer at James Cook University, suggested older travellers need to be appraised of the threats of diarrhoea, self-driving at altitude, crossing streets (“few cars will stop or slow down”), cold weather and diseases including gnathostomiasis from eating ceviche, leishmaniasis, brucellosis, and plague. 

Visitors who fail to get immunised against yellow fever before leaving home “may find themselves vaccinated on the spot as a prerequisite for entry to the jungle (personal observation)”, she wrote.

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