Nurse deregistered for unsupervised Botox injections

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal expressed some sympathy for the nurse, Rosalie Piper, and was critical of her employer, the burns expert and plastic surgeon Dr Peter Haertsch.

During 2009–11, it said Ms Piper worked one day per week as a nurse injector at Dr Haertsch’s Epping clinic using cosmetic injectable medicines supplied by the doctor. She also supplied and administered the drugs to clients at a day spa in Collaroy. 

The seven medications contained botulinum toxins and hyaluronic acid, used in tissue augmentation. All were restricted substances under Schedule 4 of the Poisons List. 

The tribunal noted evidence from Dr Haertsch that when Ms Piper commenced work at his clinic she adopted a system that had been in place for 18 years, and that most clients had been treated by the previous nurse injector.

The nurse said she had presumed, in taking over from the previous nurse, that the practice was