Retiring your right to keep practising

THE furore over new restrictions on retired GPs has left the AMA in the firing line for its perceived reluctance to pursue the issue.

We gave an AMA spokesperson the chance to explain.

“Would it be fair to say that the AMA has thrown in the towel?”

No, no – not at all. We’ve simply misplaced the blasted thing.

“So... you don’t actually have a towel?”

Well, it’s not as if we need one. I mean, as far as I can see, general practice in this country is well and truly washed up.

“So it’s true that you’re no longer actively representing GPs on this issue.”

What’s your point?

“Some might say that you’ve withdrawn from the battle without having fired a shot.”

Not big on confrontation. Never have been. With an organisation like ours – in for the long haul, as it were – we’ve