Staple, don’t suture, for Christmas turkey

Fifteen deceased turkeys were randomised to receive one of five different suturing techniques after they had been filled with stuffing.

Sutures were applied in four different stitch patterns – Lembert, Cushing, Utrecht and simple – and also compared to surgical staples.

The turkeys were cooked for two hours at 180°C.

Incision closure and cosmetic factors were assessed on a five-point scale before and after cooking, and after suture removal.

“The use of skin staples in closing stuffed Christmas turkeys was shown to provide rapid closure with the best cosmetic results,” the authors said.

The Utrecht pattern showed promise before cooking, but “extensive disruption of the skin occurred after removal of the sutures”.

“A potential drawback for the use of skin staples may be their indigestibility if one is forgotten in a served piece of turkey,” the authors