Textbook for GPs a modern mix of complementary and traditional

The philosophy that underpins general practice today has changed immensely over the past 30 years, says Professor Kerryn Phelps, with GPs now more willing to explore beyond the conventional approaches to medicine.

“With personal and professional experience you come to realise there is a lot more to health and illness than conventional diagnostic categories and the kind of pharmaceutical- and surgical-based approach that most of us grew up with,” Professor Phelps said.

This shift is what compelled Professor Phelps, adjunct professor in the faculty of medicine at Sydney University and an MO columnist, to co-author a new textbook for GPs – General Practice: The Integrative Approach.

As a result, Professor Phelps, also head of the Australasian Inte­grative Medical Association, and co-author Dr Craig Hassed, deputy head of the Department of General Practice at Monash University, embarked on a five-year journey to provide GPs