Two men with muscular dystrophy die after power outage

The medical equipment that the two 25-year-olds depended on didn't have back-up electricity after the tornado downed power lines, their grieving friend said.

Housemates Kyle Scolari and Conor Murphy died in their Beaconsfield residence on Monday morning as the freak storm, packing wind speeds well exceeding 125km/h, hit nearby Hilton and O'Connor.

Their coach and close friend Hayden Stevens said the men had some independence, playing sport and taking part in social activities, but when they slept, they were dependent on a machine that helped them breathe when supine.

"Unfortunately when the power goes out, the machine doesn't have the back up supply and your bed doesn't work so they couldn't get their beds up so they were stuck flat," Mr Stevens told Fairfax radio on Tuesday.

"Their beeper turned off and unfortunately, they couldn't rouse the carer.

"It was completely out of the blue to wake up and hear that a storm had... taken