UQ vice-chancellor’s daughter given med school place ahead of 343 others

The report into alleged nepotism at the university, tabled by Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) today, found that the offer was made by the then acting vice-chancellor Professor Michael Keniger to the daughter of Professor Paul Greenfield.

While individual’s accounts varied, the report indicated that Professor Greenfield had contacted the head of the medical school Professor David Wilkinson asking what options were available that would allow his daughter to be granted an offer.

Professor Wilkinson told the commission that he had advised Professor Greenfield that given his daughter’s failure to meet the university’s stated requirements, to make such an offer there was little that could be done.

However, feeling pressured to act and fearing that his career prospects may have been jeopardised by his failure to pursue the issue for the vice-chancellor, Professor Wilkinson contacted Professor Keniger who ultimately