Wit 'n' wisdom - 24 February 2012

He was trying to cut to the chase during a long-winded history from a particularly loquacious hypochondriacal lady with multiple symptoms. During one of her infrequent pauses for breath, he was able to interpose an enquiry as to whether she had noticed any aggravating factors.

“No,” she replied without breaking stride, “nothing exasperates my symptoms.” 

Another patient was a delightful older lady who recently required a colonoscopy. 

Dr Di Stefano empathised with the unpleasantness of the preparation for this procedure. 

She stoically and innocently replied, “Oh, well, I suppose it was necessary as a means to an end.” When she realised what she had said, they both enjoyed a laugh.

Finally, a male patient’s previously controlled hyperlipidaemia had recently deteriorated because he had only taken his statin very sporadically. 

He explained he had been &ldquo