Wit'n'wisdom 14 June 2011

A PATIENT of W’n’W prodigy Dr Andrew MacDonald of Cooks Hill, NSW, was 87 and still a big man. 

He’d been a boxer and a wharfie, and still enjoyed his alcoholic beverages, though they had taken their toll. He had a stiff back, new hips and sore knees, and much to his annoyance, he was very unsteady.

“It’s embarrassing, Doc. I need help. I’m so shaky and wobbly, I have to ask someone else to get me a beer.”

As W’n’W wunderkind Dr Michelle Kelso of Broadmeadow, NSW, states, there are still some religious denominations that do not allow the drinking of alcohol. 

Some of the Pentecostal churches decided to relax this a few years ago, decreeing it was okay for their pastors to drink in moderation. However, maybe they should reconsider this in light of what happened to Dr Kelso’s patient. 

Her patient, a pastor in his early 60s, slipped on wet grass at