Wit'n'wisdom 16 August 2011

W’N’W legend Dr Nick Hallebone of Armadale, Vic, has taken time out of his busy schedule to send us a couple of gems. 

He was reflecting to an O&G colleague that, with the ageing population, the Pearl index for contraceptive efficacy was now sometimes misunderstood for a knitting count and that chocolate drives now sold chocolate-flavoured laxatives.

Dr Nick had an amusing interaction with an elderly patient who was about to have foot surgery. Being a thorough surgical assistant, he asked him about his general health. The patient told him he had a cardiac pacemaker. 

Not realising he was quite deaf, Dr Nick enquired who his cardiologist was. The patient promptly told him that it was his daughter who was an archaeology professor at Monash University. 

The patient eventually saw the funny side of things when Dr Nick said it was good an archaeologist wasn’t looking after his pacemaker. The patient thought