Lipids at large: a clinical audit

Keeping LDL-C levels lower throughout life can help substantially reduce CVD risk.1 GPs play an essential role in identifying patients at risk of CVD and managing their treatment.2 This includes prescribing lipid-lowering medicines for people at high risk of CVD.3 Although for most patients, elevated lipids can be assessed and managed effectively by GPs, there are some groups of patients who may benefit from referral to a specialist.4 These include patients whose total cholesterol is more than 7.5mmol/L, patients who fail to show an effective response to second-line treatment and those with familial hypercholesterolaemia.4

Driven by clinical lipid specialists, this clinical audit will guide you through a review of your current management approach to patients with elevated lipids and high-risk ASCVD and compare it with best practice guidelines.