Word Game

A new word will become available each day.

How to play

The six-letter, seven-shot word search game works like Wordle, but only uses medical related words, no abbreviations, no brand names, guesses must be a valid word and uses American spelling. Players can input non-medical words to help solve the puzzle.

  1. Click or tap the word game before you start typing to activate the game.
  2. To make a guess, type in a valid six-letter word.
  3. Click or tap ‘Enter’ to submit a guess.
  4. After each guess, tiles will change colour.
    • A green tile means you selected the correct letter in the right place.
    • A yellow tile means you selected a correct letter but it’s in the wrong place.
    • A grey tile means the letter doesn’t appear in the word at all.

Win by finding the medical word within seven attempts.


Ready for take-off! AusDoc games is launched!

AusDoc has partnered with Meddle, a medical word game that was designed to challenge health professionals in a bid to boost wellbeing within the sector. Developed by Associate Professor Chris Alderman in response to COVID-19, it runs with the hope that it provides some light-heartedness for medical professionals. 

“No matter where you work in the health sector, every health professional is somehow connected to COVID,” Professor Alderman said.

“Yet, when you’re exposed to ongoing risks, your mental health can suffer, which is why it’s so important to have some regular downtime.”