A rare effect of COVID-19?

Several weeks after a SARS‑CoV‑2 infection, a young woman develops neurological symptoms and ataxia. Are the events related?

Carole is a 32-year-old typist who attends for review two weeks after her first COVID–19 infection. Her acute COVID symptoms of cough, fever and myalgia are resolving, but she has persistent numbness of the left hand and significant fatigue. Additionally, in the past 10 days, she has developed progressive lower limb numbness. This has evolved in a stocking pattern and has gradually ascended to the level of the knees. Today she is most concerned, as she is having difficulty walking without assistance. There is no associated bladder or bowel dysfunction, visual or speech disturbance, nor weakness.

Carole has a past history of anxiety and takes desvenlafaxine 50mg a day. There is no other medical or family history of note.