Red face, a red flag

An unwell older man presents to his GP to review recent blood tests. The clinical features and full blood count results trigger alarm bells.

At age 69, Stefano does not enjoy good health. Having migrated to Australia from Europe some decades ago, he has had to contend with around a decade of metabolic syndrome, peripheral vascular disease and multiple angioplasties, and colon cancer in 2017. He was a heavy smoker until a low-grade lung cancer was resected in 2020. His HbA1c hovers around 6.4%. His medications are low-dose aspirin, perindopril, atorvastatin and metformin. 

Stefano presents to his usual GP for review of recent blood test results. The GP notes he appears more plethoric than usual, and has new marked palmar erythema. His weight is 106kg, BMI 31kg/m2