Specialist Update 29 April 2019 Reuters Health

Cardiac rehab recommended for cancer patients

Oncologists and cardiologists should consider providing cardio-oncology rehabilitation as patients move through their cancer treatment, the American Heart Association (AHA) urges in a new scientific statement.
Specialist Update 29 April 2019 Clare Pain

9 severe adverse events to watch out for with checkpoint inhibitors

The largest study yet of adverse events from checkpoint inhibitor therapy for cancer suggests doctors should be alert for nine serious adverse events.
How to Treat 18 April 2019 Dr James Yeung, Dr John Gibson
News 15 April 2019 Staff Writer

Most men back at work after prostate cancer

The proportion of men with prostate cancer returning to work following treatment is ‘surprisingly high’, Australian researchers have found in a systematic review.
Specialist Update 12 April 2019 Reuters Health

ED visits for cancer-treatment complications rising fast

The number of emergency department visits related to cancer treatment has increased more than five times faster than ED visits in general, a US study shows.
Specialist Update 12 April 2019 Reuters Health

Simple technique reduces post-op pain in gastric cancer

Extensive lavage during resection of peritoneal metastasis from gastric cancer increases safety and reduces short-term complications, a study shows.
Specialist Update 12 April 2019 Clare Pain

Dose-intensive chemo cuts breast cancer deaths

Giving adjuvant chemotherapy more frequently or giving drugs sequentially, rather than together, in early breast cancer reduces recurrence and mortality rates, a meta-analysis suggests.
News 09 April 2019 Reuters Health

Two drugs better than one in relapsed indolent lymphoma

Patients with relapsed or refractory indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma enjoy two years of progression-free survival when lenalidomide is added to routine rituximab teatment, a study shows.
Therapy Update 02 April 2019 Dr Annabelle Brennan, Professor Martha Hickey

A GP's guide to talking about sex and cancer

The diagnosis of cancer is life-altering.  Often requiring timely and extensive treatment, all aspects of a patient’s life are affected. As survival rates increase, improving post-treatment quality of life is becoming increasingly important.
News 07 February 2019 Carmel Sparke

Fatty acids fuel prostate cancer: study

Fatty acids have been identified as an important fuel source for prostate tumours in research that could point the way to new treatments, an Australian-led study has found.