Woman gives birth to gigantic tumour

The mucinous ovarian mass weighed 60kg — but it's not the biggest

A 60kg ovarian tumour has been successfully removed from a 38-year-old woman, US doctors report.

A team of 12 surgeons were involved in the five-hour resection of the benign mass.

The patient first came to the attention of doctors in November when she reported that the tumour was growing at a rate of about 4.5kg a month.

In a statement, her oncologist, Dr Vaagn Andikyan, said she was “extremely malnourished” because the tumour was sitting on top of her digestive tract.

She was also confined to a wheelchair.

“This is extremely rare,” Dr Andikyan said of the mucinous ovarian tumour , adding that it was “caught just in time”.

“I’m not sure she would have survived in a week or two.”

The team chose to perform the tumour resection and abdominal reconstruction concurrently to reduce the number of surgeries for the patient and improve her outcomes.

The patient’s