Garlic burns woman’s foot in home remedy gone wrong

Forget that convenient clear nail paint, this woman opted for raw garlic

A woman in the UK decided to take the naturopathic route when treating her fungal nail infection, slapping some raw garlic on her toe for more than 100 hours.

Pungent aroma and awkward aesthetic aside, the freshly sliced garlic — which had been applied for four hours a day over four months — left the woman with a second-degree burn on her big toe.

The 45-year-old's complementary compress had managed to raise the pH of her left toe to pH 9, and caused extensive redness and blistering.

Garlic burn

Doctors irrigated the toe, normalising the pH and deroofing the blisters.

"The adverse effects of raw garlic on skin are twofold. It can directly cause a chemical burn, and in sensitised