What this head and a James Bond henchman have in common

The Wife Who Loved Me (and noticed my strange scalp condition)
Cutis verticis gyrata

When a man presented to an Italian endocrinology clinic with this brainy-looking scalp, it turned out to be a sign of a much 'larger' problem.

The 37-year-old’s wife was the first to notice the increasing skin folds, with the patient also reporting a four-year history of excessive sweating, headaches and joint pain.

Examination revealed a thickening of the scalp skin with ridges and furrows, as well as enlarged hands and feet, and a protruding lower jaw (hint: this is the 007 connection).

The patient’s insulin-like growth factor I level was found to be an extremely high 907μg/L (reference range, 82-237) and a random measurement of the