6 reasons why secondary CVD prevention needs more attention

Care is 'sub-optimal' and more can be done for those who have already had an event: expert

A leading cardiovascular expert has called for a shift in focus towards secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, saying more can be done for those who have already experienced an event.

Not enough is being achieved in tackling secondary prevention, despite the clear evidence of health and financial benefits of such an approach, according to Professor Tom Marwick, director of the Baker Institute in Melbourne.

“When it comes to heart disease, more can be done to give patients a second chance,” says Professor Marwick, in launching the institute’s report on secondary prevention, No Second Chances.

"Although the focus has traditionally been on primary prevention of heart disease, this report demonstrates that the people at the greatest risk of a cardiovascular event are actually those who have already had a heart attack or stroke and are currently receiving sub-optimal care."

The review,