9 questions teens with asthma want to ask GPs

They're more likely to learn how to self-manage if GP talk to them rather than their parents in the consult, study shows

Teenagers with asthma have questions about their condition, but they rarely voice them in a consultation, a US study shows.

Immediately before a consultation, the researchers gave each of 185 adolescents (aged 11-17) with persistent asthma a list of 22 questions they might want to ask their doctor. 

They were asked to tick the ones they wanted answered and were also encouraged to add their own questions to the list.

Here are their top questions:

  1. How severe is my asthma?
  2. What causes my asthma?
  3. How can I make my asthma better?
  4. Should I always carry my asthma medicine with me?
  5. Is it OK to take my asthma medicine with my other medicines?
  6. How long do I hold my breath after I inhale my medicine?
  7. Should I use my asthma medicine before I play or exercise?
  8. Why do I hold my breath after I inhale my medicine?