Call for GPs to make videos promoting face-to-face consults

The RACGP wants doctors to join its Expert Advice Matters campaign, aimed to encourage patients to make in-clinic appointments for health concerns that aren't coronavirus-related

GPs are being asked to channel their inner Spielberg and create short ‘selfie-style’ videos to remind patients they are open for business, as part of a new RACGP campaign.

The aim of the ‘Expert Advice Matters’ TV and social media blitz is to let patients know that in-person appointments are still available. 

And they can safely seek advice for health issues other than COVID-19.

In addition to a TV ad that will air in regional areas and through social media channels, the RACGP wants GPs to get in front of the camera and create a 30-second ‘selfie’ video to upload to their own social media.

“The video will remind the community that GPs are open, are adapting to the requirements to deliver patient care in a new way, and are importantly still here to provide expert advice when it matters most,” the college says.

“[It] should feel natural and showcase some of the ways you are adapting your