Consults by text: alarm over latest online script service

But new start-up offering repeat scripts for the contraception pill says it will help women

Doctors are conducting consults with women entirely by text before writing repeat scripts for the contraceptive pill, under a new health start-up that has been described as offering a “fast-food” approach for reproductive care.

Part of a new start-up called Kin Fertility, the online service will give women access to 35 brands of the pill, including cyproterone pills such as Diane-35, which carry a higher VTE risk.

Patients pay a yearly subscription of $55 to join, plus the cost of any medication prescribed by a team of five GPs working from home.

The electronic scripts are then sent to a 'partner' pharmacy who fills the prescription and posts it to the patient.

Its founder, Nicole Liu, says every patient completes a detailed online health questionnaire before any scripts are issued.