Do inflatable boots help prevent DVTs?

Study shows intermittent pneumatic compression doesn't reduce DVT and PE rates in critically ill patients

Adding intermittent pneumatic compression to blood thinners does not provide extra protection against lower-limb deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) in critically ill patients, doctors have reported.

The new study of 2003 patients in 20 intensive care units around the world was designed to test the widespread belief that adding intermittent pneumatic compression to thromboprophylaxis could further lower the risk of clots that still occur in 5-20% of critically ill hospitalised patients.

However, the results show that the odds of a leg clot are 3.9% with pneumatic compression and blood thinner, versus 4.2% with blood thinners alone.

It also found intermittent compression offered no benefit when it came to rates of both DVT and pulmonary emboli, with respective rates of 10.4% and 9.4%.

The rates of death from any cause at the 90-day mark were 26.1% with