Doctor claims he was sacked for refusing to use transgender pronouns: UK

Dr David Mackereth has faced a fierce media backlash over the case against his former employer

A UK doctor is at the centre of a media storm for refusing to use transgender pronouns as part of his work assessing medical claims.

Dr David Mackereth, who is Christian, is alleging the government's Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) sacked him for failing to use 'he' and 'she' according to the transgender patients' preferences.

He claims the DWP has breached the Equality Act, and his right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The case, which is being heard at an employment tribunal in Birmingham this week, has been the focus of heavy media scrutiny with celebrity journalist Piers Morgan accusing Dr Mackereth of being a "bigot".

Speaking outside the tribunal building, Dr Mackereth said: "I am coming to court today because I want the right to practise medicine as a Christian doctor in the way that I always have.

"And I am very much hoping that the court will decide that I can't