Doctor death toll due to COVID-19 mounts

The UK and US have reported their first doctor deaths this week, while 67 Italian doctors have died to date

The death toll for doctors on the COVID-19 battle lines continues to mount, with GPs making up over one-third of stricken Italian health professionals.

And the UK and US have recorded the first deaths of doctors on the frontline, including a highly respected 76-year-old GP in England.

As of Thursday, 67 Italian doctors had died, reported the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists, which updates the list of deceased health professionals each day.

And nearly 10% (10,007) of COVID-19 cases in that country are health workers, according to the 1 April daily infographic posted by the Italian National Institute of Health.

Earlier in the week, when the Italian doctor toll stood at 61, some 23 GPs had been fatally struck down, making up 38% of all deaths, reported Medscape, which has launched a memorial page for fallen health workers.

In the UK, GP Dr Habib Zaidi was one of four