Doctor shares handy hack to remove rings

Registrar Dr Scott Taylor showcased his 'nifty trick' to remove a ring on medical TV show 'Emergency'

Victorian emergency registrar Dr Scott Taylor has shared a “very much off-label” hack for for removing rings from swelling fingers in a medical television series.

In a recent episode of Nine Entertainment's show 'Emergency', Dr Taylor, of Royal Melbourne Hospital, decided to use a “nifty little trick” he’d picked up, not from a seasoned consultant, but from YouTube. 

A patient called Debra had come into the ED with what he suspected was a broken wrist.

Dr Scott wanted to remove her wedding band before the swelling increased, but when Debra winced in pain at the first attempt, he decided it was time for the hack. 

"A couple of years ago I learned a trick from YouTube to get rings off fingers. We use an elasticised shoelace that is in oxygen masks," he said.

“It’s very much off label, it’s not how it’s designed to be used.”

He asked the patient