Doctors say 'no' to the medical board's new CPD regime: survey results

Vast majority of the 500 doctors who took part believe it will be a waste of time

It is safe to say that, among the 489 doctors who took part in our survey, the Medical Board of Australia's new CPD reforms are controversial and unwanted.

From 2023, all doctors will need to write a professional development plan each year, identifying gaps in their skills and training. 

As a condition of their registration, they will also have to spend at least 50 hours a year doing CPD, with at least 25 hours spent reviewing their performance (so-called self-reflection) and at least 12.5 hours on traditional educational activities.

Do doctors think the new system will make them better doctors? Is a written PDP of any value to them? And how much time do they think they need to spend on self-reflection.

The answers are below.