Doctors warn against do-it-yourself removal of IUDs

'My husband removed mine', claims a member of a Facebook group on the devices

Doctors have voiced concerns over reports that some women are considering removing their IUD themselves, warning the procedure is not something to be tried at home.

Facebook groups dedicated to problems with IUDs have recently featured comments not only on side effects, but also the possibility of removing them at home, according to a story on Buzzfeed.

In the social media discussions, some have wondered whether they can remove the device themselves or need to visit their doctor for removal.

“Has anyone removed their own IUD?? My doctor doesn’t have an appointment for months and I want this thing out of me!” one Facebook group member asked online.

Another commented: “If you wash your hands, you can do it yourself. My husband removed mine.”

However, Family Planning NSW medical director Dr Deborah Bateson said doctors don’t recommend taking the device out at home, even though removal was more