Doctors' warning over poor hotel quarantine ignored, says AMA Vic

President Professor Julian Rait told Four Corners the AMA made a number of infection control recommendations to the DHSS but they were not implemented

AMA Victoria says it warned the state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) about deficiencies in the hotel quarantine system at least a month before staff started testing positive to COVID-19. 

The organisation flagged concerns about infection protocols at the hotels in an email to the DHSS on 15 April, according to a report on the ABC’s Four Corners. 

This was more than a month before hotel staff started to test positive to COVID-19 in late May, sparking large outbreaks which prompted a tougher second round of lockdowns. 

 "We had a whole host of concerns around how the hotel quarantine system was being managed, in terms of resourcing and also in terms of the protocols being used," AMA Victoria president Professor Julian Rait told Four Corners.