Doctors in Wuhan shaving their heads to cut infection risk

The medical staff are taking the bold step to go bald in the fight against COVID-19

Hundreds of doctors and nurses in Wuhan, including 30 female medical staff, are cutting their hair short or even shaving their heads to avoid cross-infection when treating patients with COVID-19.

A representative of the medical team from Xinjiang said that long hair posed the risk of carrying pathogens when treating patients at an epidemic area.

In a hotel that hosts medical teams that have from other provinces to support Wuhan doctors, three hairdressers gave hair cuts for free.

Wen Bin, one of the volunteer hairdressers, said he always double checked with the doctors or nurses that they definitely wanted to have their hair cut or shaved, adding that he admired their spirit of sacrifice. 

"Normally, out of 100 customers, I probably wouldn't even have one request for shaving a head … but in these two days, I've already shaved many heads," he said.