Drones shouting profanities may help with social distancing: Italian mayor

The technology is also being employed to develop a 'pandemic drone' to detect the presence of the disease in a place or in a group of people

Those annoying buzzing drones that enthusiasts have been flying around the skies in recent years are now set to take a role in the coronavirus crisis.

An Italian mayor has suggested they should be used to shout profanities at people ignoring stay-at-home rules.

And in Australia, a team is hard at work developing a pandemic drone that monitors temperature, heart and respiratory rates.

Mayor of Messina in Sicily, Cateno De Luca, says in a Facebook video message: "I can't wait for it ... drones everywhere."

The drones would broadcast "my voice that will say as soon as I catch you, 'Where the f*** are you going? Go back home!'. This will be the voice of the drone," he says.

Mayor of Messina
Mayor of Messina in Sicily, Cateno De Luca. Photo: Facebook