Empty fridges: GPs share vaccine rollout frustration

A GP clinic has calculated it'll take eight years to immunise all its patients at the current rate of COVID-19 vaccine delivery

A GP clinic has worked out it will take eight years to administer the current COVID-19 vaccine to every patient on its books, based on current deliveries.

Anna Davidson, director of the Nelson Plaza Clinic shared the startling figure, after posting a photo highlighting the divide between GPs’ preparedness and the amount of AstraZeneca vaccine being delivered.

The image shows practice manager Melissa Murphy holding the NSW clinic’s first fortnightly delivery, one small box containing 100 doses, alongside the dedicated two-door COVID-19 vaccine fridge it has prepared.

The eight-year figure was calculated by the practice’s clinical director, based on current patient numbers and the vaccine allocation, which was equivalent to 4.5 doses for each of the clinic’s 11 GPs, Ms Davidson tells 6minutes.

“And it’s assuming perfect delivery and that everyone turns up and we don’t have to reshuffle,” she