Endocrinologist left flat after electric car legal tussle

Dr Akhil Gupta's plan to cut his emissions failed when the management of his apartment block literally pulled the plug

Dr Akhil Gupta tried to do his bit for the environment by driving an electric vehicle but says he's been kyboshed because he's being prevented from plugging it in.

The endocrinologist had originally swapped his petrol car for a relative’s 2018 Hyundai IONIQ during last year’s lockdown.

Living in inner Sydney, he was commuting to hospitals in the city's west, travelling up to 350km per week.

“I was still going to work every day during the lockdown, so we felt the vehicle was a good way to cut my emissions,” he told 6minutes

“So, I started using one of the power points in the garage in the apartment block where I live — they're meant to be for general use.

"But that’s when a few residents, who weren't actually complaining, alerted the building manager."

Akhil Gupta