Got a question for a clinical expert? Go to AusDoc Groups

We have five specialist-led groups to join: cardiology, coronavirus, women's health, dermatology and medicolegal

AusDoc Groups is our new online forum where doctors can discuss the latest research, share experiences, learn from patient cases and discuss (or vent over!) the latest edicts and guidance.

There are five groups so far, covering cardiology, coronavirus, dermatology, women's health and medicolegal. Both GPs and other specialists are invited to join.

Each group has dedicated leaders who are experts in their field and are happy to answer clinical questions.

Just like other social media sites, you can post your own comments and images.

Unlike other social media, however, you’ll have the added security of knowing that because AusDoc is exclusively for medical professionals, no members of the public will be able to see what you post.

Just other doctors.